The dog that went through tornadoes

A dog from Birmingham Al, escaped death and came back home three weeks  after the Alabama tornadoes.

How did he do it? Well, Mason a terrier mix hero pooch hid inside a garage. After the tornadoes  swept through his home, he somehow managed to live in the rubble.

His owners came back a few weeks later to visit what was once their home, and there he was sitting on the cement that was part of the porch of his house.

He was found with both his front legs broken. Mason was taken to the  vet and is doing a lot better now. And maybe the happiest part of his story is, that he´s back with his loving family.

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A dog saved from the streets

I started volunteering at a local no kill  animal shelter last year, and sad stories that turned into happy ones didn´t seem to end.

There was one particular story of a mutt that really got to me.

She was saved while walking in the vicinity of a very busy street. A place filled with all kinds of  dangers.

The lady that took her off the streets said the pooch was hungry and thirsty when she saved her.

This kind person drove the mutt to the vet, and  found out that she was pregnant . The vet operated the mutt and told the lady that all the puppies where dead inside her.

The happy side of this story is that the pooch was saved and taken to the no kill animal shelter.

She has lots of friends and is waiting for a loving family to adopt her.

Hope you liked this story

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A bassett hound at my door

It was December the 19th of last year. A time of year to discuss  Christmas decorations, gifts and many other jolly topics .

I volunteer at a no kill animal shelter, so I  provide love and care for animals often.  But nothing I encountered before could possibly compare to what I was about to experience.

There I was looking out the window of my apartment when a sad pooch caught my attention. She was standing at the door of my building with a ¨please come save me¨expression on her face.

So I said to myself ¨I don´t care if I don´t make it on time to work¨ This animal has to be saved.

I carry her in my arms, and took her to my apartment. I asked lots of people around my neighbourhood if anybody had lost a pet, but no luck. It seemed like it belong to nobody in the vicinity.

I posted flyers for weeks, but nobody called asking for the lost pooch.

So when I finally didn´t know what else to do, I remember that just a few weeks ago a nice lady had been denied adoption of a pet at the no kill animal shelter where I volunteer. The reason for the denial stroke me as unfair at the time, because living just outside of the city was to me a dumb motive to reject somebody.

I called this nice lady and I gave the pet to her. Turns out I did the right thing because that nice lady is a person that I know for a fact loves animals.She is a woman who makes donations to our no kill shelter every year. The basset hound is happy. The woman sends me pictures often and we talk from time to time about how the pet is doing.

I thank heaven for putting this pooch at my door, and for the chance I got to help her.

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How to help a lost dog

If you ever find a lost dog here is what you can do:

a) Take him home and give him a comfy place to sleep. It can be in your backyard or inside your house. Try to protect the pet from the cold weather, so please cover him with a warm blanket. Don´t forget to place the pet in a safe place where he won´t get affected by rain or heat. If you keep the dog in the backyard lock all the doors so he won´t escape. ( If you can´t take the pet home,bring him to a No Kill animal shelter and ask them to give the pooch a safe place to live. Please don´t forget to visit the pet to see if he is safe).

b) Give fresh clean water and food to the dog. After all, you  have to remember that the poor pet was lost and was living on the streets.

c) Take the lost pet to a vet you trust and ask him to check the pooch, in order to see if the animal needs to be cured of a disease.

d) If you have a dog of your own, try to keep both animals separated to avoid fights.

e) Put flyers around the place where you find the lost dog, so his owner will have a chance to get him back

f) Take pictures of the found dog and upload them on the Internet. Write a brief description of the animal and put it along with a picture. Sites like Twitter are a good way of showing info to many persons.

g) If nothing seems to work keep the dog and give him lots of love and care. ( If you cannot keep the pet, give him to a loving family)

Hope these tips helped

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Labradors are such great dogs!

Labs are probably one of the friendliest dog breeds. They love to please everybody who is nice to them. They are not aggressive and  love to be with humans and other dogs, so be certain that they will probably won´t attack you or any other living being.

Labradors have great personalities and love to please anybody that will show love to them. They have a possitive attitude and like to show it by wagging their tails often.

These pets require to play every single day, because they get bored easily. Also they have a lot of energy, so daily walks to the park are definitely something you cannot avoid.

Labs are wonderful, but please remember that all dog breeds and mutts deserve love and care.

Please ask a vet you trust which is the right dog for you and your family. Try not to buy your pets, adopt them from an  animal shelter. Please don´t encourage puppy mills. Please also ask a vet you trust  to spay / neuter your pets. 

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Games to play with your dog

Dogs can get bored and sad if left alone for hours. Pets need to get attention from their owners every single day.

So whenever you´re not busy, please remember that you have a loving pooch that will love to spend more time with you.

Here is a list of a few games you can try with your pet:

a) Get a piece of wool

Take a a piece of wool, or any other clean piece of natural fabric you´re not using and throw it near your pet.

He´ll have tons of fun chewing the fabric  and it won´t cost you a dime.

b) Buy a natural fiber rope

Go to a hardware store and buy a natural fiber rope like manila hemp. Buy about two meters. Cut the rope in two pieces and tie them together. Your pet will hold one end of the rope, while you take the other end.  He will have lots of fun pulling on the rope.

There are several more activities you can try with your pet.

Ask a certified dog trainer or a vet you trust, before trying any game. Make sure the game and the materials are safe for your pet and yourself.

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A tale of an abandoned dog

I volunteer at a no kill animal shelter, where sad stories are told very often.

We have pets that have been rescued after living for months on the streets, living only from the food that strangers gave them.

There are also those who had been thrown out of their house by their owners.

I could go on but I think you understood that all of our dogs had a sad past.

Anyway, I feel that its important to tell one story in particular. It´s the story of a mutt, who was dropped outside the shelter a few weeks ago.

A man just took him out of a car and drove away.

After talking to one of the janitors at the shelter, I found out that this man was actually the pet´s owner. He had no problem in leaving the pooch at the sidewalk and screaming at the shelter´s employee: You guys are a shelter, take care of him.

The frightened animal was so scared and confused, that he ran towards a mall that is in the vicinity of the shelter. Luckyly the janitor was able to save the dog from the cars on the street.

The dog is healthy and has lots of friends at the shelter, but he still has that sad look on his eyes.

Hopefully a loving family will take him home soon.

So, why I wrote about this? To let you know that pet ownership is a big responsibility. One that you acquire for as long as the pooch lives. You just don´t get rid of your pet when you get tired of him.

Your pet is a living being that can feel pain and hunger, and has feelings as well. Please  love him and take him to a vet you trust.

If you´re not ready to own a pet, please don´t get one.

Hope you found this story useful

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