Please don´t abandon your dog

Times are difficult for most people, but that does not mean you have to abandon your pet.

If you´re having cash problems or any other type of problem please don´t abandon your pooch.

I volunteer at a no kill animal shelter and believe me,  pets abandoned by their owners are the ones that are sad most of the time.

There are just a few dogs  like these at the no kill animal shelter, but it breaks my heart every time I see them. These pets spend lots of time lying inside their kennel, and when their in the yard they don´t do much either. They barely interact with the other animals.

When it´s time to feed them they are no excited like the others. I have to bring the bowls to their kennels and watch them eat their food. Sometimes they eat and drink lying on the floor.

When somebody visits the shelter, they even try to get out on the street. Sometimes I wonder if they think that their long gone owner will come to pick them up.

Please I´m begging you no matter how difficult your life is don´t abandon your pet. If you have no other choice then please give him temporarily to a family member that loves pets and visit him often. A friend who likes animals is also a choice, but don´t forget to visit your pet as often as you can. Please come back to get your pet as soon as you have solve your issues.

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About labradorman

I´m a pet blogger. Please visit my blog for free dog training tips, natural cures, how to make cheap toys for dogs, and more. Please take your pets to a vet you trust and spay/ neuter your pets. Please support only NO KILL animal shelters. Don´t encourage puppy mills, adopt your pet from a local shelter
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