Summer petivities inside the house

If you want to keep your pet safe this summer avoid exposing them to the heat wave.

Here are a few tips that will help:

Avoid playing with your pet in your backyard

If you want to be there, then choose a shady area of the yard and don´t play for too long.

Keep your dog inside the house 

If you want to spend time with your beloved pooch, choose the inside of your house. Bring chew toys,  and any other pet toys he has.

Have water bowls around 

Make sure your pet has plenty of fresh clean water around. There might be not as warm inside your house, but your best buddy still has to have  water available to avoid dehydration.

Walks with your dog should be at specific times

When the temperature is up outside, try to walk your pet during cooler times of the day for instance at night. If your pet has to go to the w.c. during the day, take him to a shady place of your backyard and be with him until he pees or does number two.

Please never leave your dog inside a parked car. Even with the windows open the temperature will be too high, and your beloved pet can get very ill or even die. 

Please always have all pet activities supervised by an adult who loves pets 

If you live in the U.S. and witness animal abuse please get your phone book and contact immediately a no kill animal welfare society. You can also call your local no kill animal shelter. If you don´t live in the U.S. call  the WSPA or any other no kill animal welfare organisationThey can help save animals lives

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About labradorman

I´m a pet blogger. Please visit my blog for free dog training tips, natural cures, how to make cheap toys for dogs, and more. Please take your pets to a vet you trust and spay/ neuter your pets. Please support only NO KILL animal shelters. Don´t encourage puppy mills, adopt your pet from a local shelter
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