Pet´s safety tips for disasters

Tornados, floods and other sorts of disasters can strike any time and without warning.

If you haven´t tough of how to save your pet if there is a natural disaster, please take a look at these tips:

a) Keep  a harness and a leash  near your door at all times

If there is a disaster, you should be able to put your dog on a leash quickly, so having a harness and a leash near all exits will help you get out of the house faster. Please don´t use those retractable leashes, because they don´t let you control your pet that well.

b) Have an emergency kit ready

Simple yet life saving stuff such as bottles filled with water, bowls, a first aid kit, a cell phone, dog dry balanced food and dog canned food, a flashlight, camping gear,  etc, will definitely come handy if you and your pet are in trouble. Tie your pet´s leash to a tent peg that is stucked in the ground, a pole or any other firm material, so he won´t run away if he gets scared. Never leave your pet unattended.  Try to pack light and remember that your pet comes first than any material possesions.

c)  Have important phone numbers available

You should always have with you phone numbers that might save you and your pet. You´ll need to have phones from organisations like : a) local no kill animal shelters, b) The ASPCA, c) your local firefighter station, d) your local police squad, and so on.

d) Have your pet identified and/or microchipped

Your pet should always have an id tag with his name, your home address and your phone.

If possible go to a vet you trust and have your pet microchipped. A microchip can provide anyone with vital information like: your phone number, the pet´s health condition, and other important info, if you ever loose your pet.

An id tag or microchip can help you get your pet back, and possibly even save his life.

Hope these tips helped

Please remember to take your pets to the vet, to have them spayed or neutered. Adopt don´t buy pets, please don´t encourage puppy mills.

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Picture: Lost & Found Tornado Pets 2011


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I´m a pet blogger. Please visit my blog for free dog training tips, natural cures, how to make cheap toys for dogs, and more. Please take your pets to a vet you trust and spay/ neuter your pets. Please support only NO KILL animal shelters. Don´t encourage puppy mills, adopt your pet from a local shelter
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