A Labrador who wouldn´t give up hope 2.0

Every time I visit the animal shelter, I curse myself for not being able to take home just one of the dogs I help take care off.

That´s just how I feel, when I look into the sad eyes of that beautiful chocolate Lab I like to call Mocha.

The no kill animal shelter facility is huge, yet somehow Mocha manages to be at my side just a few minutes after I´ve arrived.

I move my arm to start petting whelps and there she is, wagging her tail like crazy and showing that happy look on her face.

I visit a kennel and there she is, just waiting outside the door. I go to the vet´s office and there she is again, waiting on the other side of the fence.

When I finish work, I go pet her and begin thinking stuff like: a) How I wish I lived by myself so I can take her with me, b) why my family won´t let me have another dog? Anyway night comes and it´s time to say goodbye to the dogs and Mocha, the sad yet hopeful pets.

I take a final look at the shelter and there they are, looking  at me as if they were saying: Don´t forget about us, and please come back next week.

Please adopt your pets from your local animal shelter. Don´t buy a pooch, don´t encourage puppy mills. Please ask a vet you trust to spay/neuter your pets. Please don´t let sad stories like the one I just wrote about from repeating themselves. 

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About labradorman

I´m a pet blogger. Please visit my blog for free dog training tips, natural cures, how to make cheap toys for dogs, and more. Please take your pets to a vet you trust and spay/ neuter your pets. Please support only NO KILL animal shelters. Don´t encourage puppy mills, adopt your pet from a local shelter
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