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A tale of an abandoned dog

I volunteer at a no kill animal shelter, where sad stories are told very often. We have pets that have been rescued after living for months on the streets, living only from the food that strangers gave them. There are … Continue reading

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Eco friendly tips for dogs

There are ways you can help mother Earth, and as a dog lover you should be aware of some of the eco friendly products for pets that are out there. Let´s  take a look at a few of them: a) … Continue reading

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A heartwarming story of abandoned dogs

In a previous post I told the story of Mocha, a Labrador from the no kill animal shelter where I volunteer. As a way of honoring the other dogs that live there, I felt that I must write a brief … Continue reading

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A Labrador who wouldn´t give up hope

Being a volunteer at a local no kill animal shelter, I have lived through many sad as well as heartwarming stories. I have seen dogs come into the shelter with various types of diseases. Some of these poor animals arrive … Continue reading

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Blogger Badges and other links

Tips and tricks to take care of your dog. If you need more free info on: dog training tips,  natural cures, how to make cheap toys for dogs, or want to buy pet supplies please visit my main site Please SPAY/NEUTER … Continue reading

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Please support no kill animal shelters

You might be asking yourself why should I support no kill animal shelters? Well is actually very simple. a) No kill animal shelters make every effort to save pets from the cruelty of the streets. b) This type of animal … Continue reading

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