Please don´t abandon your dog

Times are difficult for most people, but that does not mean you have to abandon your pet.

If you´re having cash problems or any other type of problem please don´t abandon your pooch.

I volunteer at a no kill animal shelter and believe me,  pets abandoned by their owners are the ones that are sad most of the time.

There are just a few dogs  like these at the no kill animal shelter, but it breaks my heart every time I see them. These pets spend lots of time lying inside their kennel, and when their in the yard they don´t do much either. They barely interact with the other animals.

When it´s time to feed them they are no excited like the others. I have to bring the bowls to their kennels and watch them eat their food. Sometimes they eat and drink lying on the floor.

When somebody visits the shelter, they even try to get out on the street. Sometimes I wonder if they think that their long gone owner will come to pick them up.

Please I´m begging you no matter how difficult your life is don´t abandon your pet. If you have no other choice then please give him temporarily to a family member that loves pets and visit him often. A friend who likes animals is also a choice, but don´t forget to visit your pet as often as you can. Please come back to get your pet as soon as you have solve your issues.

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Summer petivities inside the house

If you want to keep your pet safe this summer avoid exposing them to the heat wave.

Here are a few tips that will help:

Avoid playing with your pet in your backyard

If you want to be there, then choose a shady area of the yard and don´t play for too long.

Keep your dog inside the house 

If you want to spend time with your beloved pooch, choose the inside of your house. Bring chew toys,  and any other pet toys he has.

Have water bowls around 

Make sure your pet has plenty of fresh clean water around. There might be not as warm inside your house, but your best buddy still has to have  water available to avoid dehydration.

Walks with your dog should be at specific times

When the temperature is up outside, try to walk your pet during cooler times of the day for instance at night. If your pet has to go to the w.c. during the day, take him to a shady place of your backyard and be with him until he pees or does number two.

Please never leave your dog inside a parked car. Even with the windows open the temperature will be too high, and your beloved pet can get very ill or even die. 

Please always have all pet activities supervised by an adult who loves pets 

If you live in the U.S. and witness animal abuse please get your phone book and contact immediately a no kill animal welfare society. You can also call your local no kill animal shelter. If you don´t live in the U.S. call  the WSPA or any other no kill animal welfare organisationThey can help save animals lives

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Abandoned dog saves little girl´s life

When I hear about hero dogs like this one, I wonder why people abuse animals.  Every single animal can feel sadness and hapiness. Eventough there are jerks out there who threat them like crap, animals save our lives without asking for nothing in return.

Animals should not be abused or locked in cages, they deserve to live with loving families. Animal abusers on the other hand should be locked behind bars for life and be forced to endure the same abuse they inflicted on innocent animals.

 If you witness animal abuse please get your phone book and call immediately an  animal welfare society that has a strong no kill policy and saves animals  in the U.S. If you live in the U.S. you can also call your local no kill animal shelter.If you live overseas contact the WSPA  or any other animal welfare organisation. Don´t hesitate to call them if you witness animal abuse.

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Free dog e book for my visitors

Freebie! Download this e book just for visiting my site. Dog tipper is the owner of the book.

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Pet´s safety tips for disasters

Tornados, floods and other sorts of disasters can strike any time and without warning.

If you haven´t tough of how to save your pet if there is a natural disaster, please take a look at these tips:

a) Keep  a harness and a leash  near your door at all times

If there is a disaster, you should be able to put your dog on a leash quickly, so having a harness and a leash near all exits will help you get out of the house faster. Please don´t use those retractable leashes, because they don´t let you control your pet that well.

b) Have an emergency kit ready

Simple yet life saving stuff such as bottles filled with water, bowls, a first aid kit, a cell phone, dog dry balanced food and dog canned food, a flashlight, camping gear,  etc, will definitely come handy if you and your pet are in trouble. Tie your pet´s leash to a tent peg that is stucked in the ground, a pole or any other firm material, so he won´t run away if he gets scared. Never leave your pet unattended.  Try to pack light and remember that your pet comes first than any material possesions.

c)  Have important phone numbers available

You should always have with you phone numbers that might save you and your pet. You´ll need to have phones from organisations like : a) local no kill animal shelters, b) The ASPCA, c) your local firefighter station, d) your local police squad, and so on.

d) Have your pet identified and/or microchipped

Your pet should always have an id tag with his name, your home address and your phone.

If possible go to a vet you trust and have your pet microchipped. A microchip can provide anyone with vital information like: your phone number, the pet´s health condition, and other important info, if you ever loose your pet.

An id tag or microchip can help you get your pet back, and possibly even save his life.

Hope these tips helped

Please remember to take your pets to the vet, to have them spayed or neutered. Adopt don´t buy pets, please don´t encourage puppy mills.

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Funny video: Dog sleeping

Sorry, I don´t have a post today. Hope you like this video of a dog sleeping.

I don´t own this video. I got it here:

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A Labrador who wouldn´t give up hope 2.0

Every time I visit the animal shelter, I curse myself for not being able to take home just one of the dogs I help take care off.

That´s just how I feel, when I look into the sad eyes of that beautiful chocolate Lab I like to call Mocha.

The no kill animal shelter facility is huge, yet somehow Mocha manages to be at my side just a few minutes after I´ve arrived.

I move my arm to start petting whelps and there she is, wagging her tail like crazy and showing that happy look on her face.

I visit a kennel and there she is, just waiting outside the door. I go to the vet´s office and there she is again, waiting on the other side of the fence.

When I finish work, I go pet her and begin thinking stuff like: a) How I wish I lived by myself so I can take her with me, b) why my family won´t let me have another dog? Anyway night comes and it´s time to say goodbye to the dogs and Mocha, the sad yet hopeful pets.

I take a final look at the shelter and there they are, looking  at me as if they were saying: Don´t forget about us, and please come back next week.

Please adopt your pets from your local animal shelter. Don´t buy a pooch, don´t encourage puppy mills. Please ask a vet you trust to spay/neuter your pets. Please don´t let sad stories like the one I just wrote about from repeating themselves. 

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